ABI 373 and PCR pdt

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> Hello all.
> How much PCR product do you use for direct sequencing with the ABI 373
> terminator kit and how do you prepare it

personally, i treat the pcr product using Exonuclease I and shrimp Alkaline
Phosphatase using the method published by USB (which is also where i get
the enzymes).  then i take an A260 reading straight from the reaction and
use what appears to be 750ng of product.  now...i assume that there is a
reasonable amount of interference in the reading of the absorbance due to
the amount of enzyme in the reaction.  so i don't think that there is
anywhere near 750ng of DNA in here, but in my experience it has always
worked as well or better than plasmid sequencing where i use about 800ng of

if you'd like more info on the procedure i use, let me know and i'll be
happy to help you.


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