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> I would like to know if the NIH Image software is available for a unix 
> system, preferably Silicon Graphics.

I'm not sure if there is a version for Unix however I am currently running the
Mac version on an IBM PC using a neat solution which I believe is available
for Unix. I have installed a Mac software emulator on my 66Mhz 486 16Mb ram.
NIH Image 1.55 runs quite happily on this machine with the speed of a 20Mhz
60830. No overly fasty but fully functional. The emulator is available in Unix
format. I found the PC version via Archie and registered last week. The PC 
version is 1.99k, will not run System 7, hence v1.55 of Image, and is crippled
such that you only get 10mins use. Registration cost 99 US dollars. Now how
to find it. It is widely available on any Simtel20 mirror. The PC version will
run under Windows 3.1, not on NT and not on my Win95 beta. OK under DOS.
Look for files and If you have a Viper video card
remember to switch the mode to VESA (just type vprmode vesa at DOS command
prompt) else the Mac display is wrapped around the screen! For total non-Mac
users I fopund I had to ftp the Image file as an ascii file in order to 
unpackage it with Executor. A binary file ftp just gave errors. For a UNIX
version try emailing the authors or have a look on Simtel20:

> We are in receipt of your fax dated March 17, 1995 in which you are  
> ordering Executor 1.99k.  We have version 1.99k for Executor/DOS  
> and Executor/Linux.
> 1.99k for Executor/DOS would cost $99.00 + $15.00 international  
> shipping charge.  There are diskettes and a manual that are shipped  
> with your order.
> Please let me know which Executor product you would like to order.
> Thank you,
> Vaune Fischer
> Technical Support
> vjf at

Good luck

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