Protocol for downward blot

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Fri Mar 31 04:09:30 EST 1995

Hello everybody,

A while back (could be a couple of months or so) there were some postings
about different methods of blotting DNA and or RNA, in particular I remember
being mentioned a downward blot using a sponge soaked with the particular 
solution on top of the gel, and with the nitrocellulose/nylon beneath it.
This method, as i remember, was only meant to take a couple of hours, as 
our lab has always used capillary blot in the reverse direction taking o/n
I would be very interested where I can find a protocol for this method. 
(I want to do some blots quite soon, but I dont fancy blotting overnight)
Any timesaving advice would be appreciated. (In terms of blotting equipment 
in our lab, we basically only have membranes and paper towels)



Martin Jakt
Dept. of Biochemistry
University of Hong Kong

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