Microwave techniques?

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>> @article{Jhingan1992,
>> author = "A. K. Jhingan",
>> title = "Microwave restriction enzyme digestion of {DNA}",
>> journal = "Methods in Molecular and Cellular Biology",
>> volume = "3",
>> pages = "270-274",
>> year = "1992"}

This subject is driving me nuts! In our hands, the DNA (plasmid or
is cut to completion (eyeball on a gel) BEFORE it gets into the
i.e. the time it takes to walk across the lab at room temperature is
for apparently complete digestion (five different enzymes,
1U/0.5microgram of
plasmid DNA, 5microgram genomic DNA). I'm no enzymologist but my initial
(sorry about the pun) on being told by someone in my lab that this
existed was that it defied the laws of physics.... any thoughts??

Mike Dalrymple

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