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Fri Mar 31 11:22:14 EST 1995

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We have been using the Gentra GenePure DNA extraction kit for almost a 
year now. We are extracting genomic DNA from many isofemale lines of 
Drosophila melanogaster for Southern Blot analysis of transposable 
elements.  We have had no difficulties with partial digests.  The kit is 
as fast and easy as it claims to be; the only addition to the kit we 
have made is to include an RNAase step.
  In summary: 1) the dna is clean enough for restriction digestion; 2) 
the procedure is fast; 3) no phenol or chloroform is used. We are quite 
happy with the kit.

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     Subject: Gentra Systems kits
        Date: 27 Mar 1995 19:13:45 GMT
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Has anyone used the GenePure DNA extraction kit or the polyA+ RNA kit
from Gentra Systems?  Did you have good luck with them?

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