Competitive PCR with internal control

Steve Hopkins shopkins at
Mon May 1 12:10:50 EST 1995

In article <3mbpv6$4kj at>, says...
>Despite the wide use of competitive PCR for mRNA quantitation , many 
>people still regard the method in a rather suspicious way.
>I am looking for  good references with strong convincing argument for 
>validation of the usefulness and accuracy of mRNA quantitation using 
>competitive PCR with internal control. Can anyone help ?
Now, I happen to know that the person whose email address is on this post 
DID NOT send the enquiry that appears above. I have one (good) response 
that was emailed to the owner of the email address. So if the person that 
posted the original message would like to contact me I can pass it on to 
them, and enquire as to why it appeared with someone elses email address.

Steve Hopkins

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