Sensitivities of prehyb and hybridization solns.

Aaron Pawlyk aaron at
Mon May 1 21:10:08 EST 1995

Jaishree Muppala Chittoor (jaishre at wrote:
: Hi Netters,
: I have this curiosity nagging me for a while.  I use Church's hyb soln both
: during prehyb. and hyb.  It has worked fine for me.  What I want to know is -
: exactly how many types of pre- and hybr. soln: are there now and what are the
: advantages of using any one over the other. Why do different people use
: different hyb. soln.  And how does one gauge an optimum temp of hyb. for a
: given hyb. soln.  Any theories, pointers or references to satisfy my
: curiosity??  If anything interesting comes from this discussion, I'll post
: them in the net.  Thanks in advance.
: Jaishree
: [jaishre at]

My guess is that there are probably dozens of possible buffers.  I can recall
during my recent quest to find some pre- and hyb buffers that there were four
different systems, each one claiming to be "the standard Northern hybridization
buffer".  I got each of these out of a different review article on northerns.
Which, by the way, all had different parameters on how to run "THE standard

I'll see if I can dig up the refs, this is an interesting question....

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