DNA/RNA Isolation Methods and Kits

Bioinfo bioinfo at aol.com
Tue May 2 09:53:25 EST 1995

BioInformatics is a business research firm located in Bethesda, Maryland. 
We have recently been retained by a group of companies that would like us
to examine the needs and expectations of clinical laboratories as they
relate to DNA/RNA isolation methods and kits.  The goal of this research
is to gather detailed information that can be used by suppliers to develop
products that better serve the needs of clinicians.  We are particularly
interested in learning which methods/kits are perceived as being of
greatest value to users, which companies are perceived as being most
responsive to users needs, and what features are most important to include
in future kits.  If you would like to share your experiences, or voice
your opinion on any or all of these issues, you may respond directly via
e-mail to Bioinfo at aol.com, fax (301) 657-9776, or phone (301) 961-1985
(attn: Karen Blaine).  If your work involves the isolation of DNA or RNA
in a clinical environment, this is an excellent opportunity to influence
the design, composition and packaging of future products.

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