How can I precipitate down Protamine phosphate?

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Wed May 3 08:20:02 EST 1995

I would try the phosphocellulose units from Pierce (29520) that
I have used for kinase assays. I would do the assay, then stop
with 100 mM phosphoric acid, then apply 20-30 ul to the membrane,
then spin it through at high g (several thousand). The phosphocellulose
is highly neg. charged, the protamine positively charged. This is how
kinase assays work and it works great. Rumors have it that these units
(called SpinZyme) will soon be available in an 8-well format for those
who do hundreds of assays at a clip.
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In article <Morty.135.2FA622F7 at>, Morty at (Rory.Morty) says:
>I am using protamine phosphate as a substrate in a n enzyme assay. I wish to
>precipitate down the protamine phosphate and recover the supernatant. TCA
>precipitation is not working. Any ideas? Please post here or email me.
>Rory Morty
>morty at

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