Glass milk for 20 bp oligos?

Geoffrey Rule gsr1 at
Thu May 4 14:47:51 EST 1995

I have been looking for an alternative means of activating a disulfide-
modified 20 bp oligo that I have purchased (single-stranded). I have 
previously used a kit from Pierce but it is quite expensive. I have
also read a couple of notes on DNA purifications using silica
 particles (glass milk) but it seems to have been tested only with 
fragments of relatively  large size (120 bp). I have just requested
info on the Mermaid kits form Bio101 but I am wondering if there might
be a do-it-yourself approach. What I would like to have is a cheap
source of a silica matrix which could be utilized in small spin columns
with buffers that I can prepare myself.
Any info on binding and washing buffer composition
would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much.

Geoff Rule
Analytical Chemistry Labs
NYSAES/ Cornell University
Geneva, NY 14456

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