Storage of SDS/PAGE gels - a question

Samuel C. Blackman scb1 at
Thu May 4 12:13:46 EST 1995

Ok - I know that this is going to seem like a silly question, but please
bear with me - I'm trying to settle a bet in my lab.

Is it possible to store SDS/PAGE gels after running them?  My advisor
is curious as to whether or not you can do it without significan diffusion
of the proteins.  Is it possible to do so for 2-3 days?  If so, what are
the conditions?  Finally, if you have a method for storage, is it amenable
to blotting following 2-3 days of storage?

This came up in our lab because we have a tech. who doesn't like to work
hard and want's to run 2 gels, blot one and save the other in case her
blot doesn't work.  Personally, I believe that she should just do the whole
thing (gel and blot) over again and not be so damn lazy.  So to settle a bet
amongst my fellow grad. students, I decided to ask whether or not this was
possible.  If someone has a suggestion or a method, I'd be more than willing
to try it and post the results to the net.  Please e-mail any replies, and
if there is substantial interest, I'll post a summary to the group.

Thanks in advance!

-- Sam Blackman
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