Monoclonal Ab against HA flu epitope

Nancy Terryn nater at
Fri May 5 07:55:45 EST 1995

Jan Eggermont (Jan.Eggermont at wrote:
: We have tagged a protein with an epitope (-YDVPDYASL) derived from the
: haemagglutinin protein of the flu virus. The purpose is to transfect this
: protein in endothelial cells and follow its intracellular distribution via
: immunofluorescence. However, the monoclonal antibody we have recognises
: some non-specific bands on Western blots and we are therefore not sure how
: to interpret our immunofluorescence data. 
: Does anyone know where I can find/buy anti-HA monoclonal antibodies that
: are highly specific?
: thanks,

: Jan Eggermont

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You can buy it with Boehringer
Good luck!


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