galactose/galactose oxidase assay information needed

Kwang-Jen Hsiao hsiao at
Sat May 6 11:46:20 EST 1995

bipin dalmia <dalmiabk at> wrote:
> hi: i need to set-up an assay for galactose using the galactose oxidase,
> peroxidase method. would need any references to such an assay. also, does
> anyone know if a commercial kit is available with preweighed enzymes etc.
> similar to the one from Sigma for glucose assay? Sigma does not have a
> galactose kit. if you can send any information, i would appreciate very
> much. either post, or e-mail to dalmiabk at thanx.
> bip

You may try to look into the galactose assay using the galactose 
dehydrogenase method, which we have used for neonatal screening of
galactosemia for several years and seems a very good method.

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