eukaryotic transfections

Ramesh Errabolu errabolu at
Sat May 6 12:33:26 EST 1995

Hai folks, I am posting this to find out the experience and
opinion of people who do lot of Transfections.

How much of the backbone sequence of a plasmid is necessary to
get good transfection. What I mean is, the integration into the
chromosome in the gene of interest and also the gene of selection
like neomycin or etc would be undesirable. So the sequence left in
the plasmid for integration is the ColE1 origin, f1 origin and amp
gene etc. How much of that sequence can I cut down. ColE1 is absolutely
necessary, I can delete f1 origin and ampicillin gene.

But then the backbone of the plasmid would reduce to the bacteial origin
and any such sequence left.

Your comments and notes are appreciated. Thanks.

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