ECL detection kit

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Obviously diluting reagent drops the sensitivity. This is like
saying that if you dilute your beer 6x with water you get a
six-pack out of every can!

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>> I'm curious if anyone has figured out a way to stretch the life of
>> Amersham's ECL detection kit.
>> Does anyone know if you can either dilute the detection reagents, or even
>> better, what's in them so I can make my own?
> In the April 1995 Biotechniques there is an article (pg. 588) where the
>authors dilute the chemiluminescence reagents 10-fold in distilled water
>and get beautiful results in Westerns.  They had to expose longer, but by
>using the diluted reagents, they greatly reduced the background noise.
>Hope this helps!
>     Wendy

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