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Sun May 7 14:21:47 EST 1995

I would suggest shopping for "ready made" substrates. TMB is
not the easiest to work with. Try Pierce, and remember to
mention that you are looking for "precipitating" HRP substrates
for blotting. Highest sensitivity: Metal Enhanced DAB and
Chemiluminescent. Easiest handling and lowest background:

Also important is the quality of the Streptavidin-HRP.
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In article <3oh7uu$3r9 at>, hopkins at (Andrew Hopkins) says:
>Does anyone know of a reliable method for detection of biotin labelled DNA
>probes in southerns using tetramethylbenzidine (TMB) and streptavidin
>horseradish peroxidase?  I have tried the method described by Kriegler in
>"Gene Expression" which is copied from Helmuth in "PCR Protocols", but I
>cannot get it to detect my probe.

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