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> Hi netters!
> I am doing PCR using 60 bp template and 15 mer primers. My PCR conditions:
>   94 oC 1 min
>   54 oC 1 min
>   72 oC 1 min
> I never get single sharp band and am getting smear DNA. I checked all possible
> things like change annealing temperature, reduce template and time period of
> denaturation and extention which affect my PCR however; I ever get
single 60 bp sharp band. Is
> there anybody which has better idea to get single sharp band.
> every suggestion will be appreciated.

i'm confused here.  is your template a 60bp piece or are you trying to PCR
a 60bp piece.  and from what kind of template, genomic, cDNA, plasmid?

you might try titrating the Mg2+ concentration as yet another variable. 
if all that you're trying to get is a 60bp fragment, i would think that
much shorter incubation times might also help.

good luck,

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