OLIGO Software Package for PCR Primer Selection

Kevin G. Korth kkorth at kcc.com
Mon May 8 15:44:45 EST 1995

We have been evaluating software packages to assist in PCR primer 
selection and one package that we are leaning toward is OLIGO (National 
Biosciences) [advertised heavily in Bio/techniques].  However, I have 
heard some negative feedback on how well the primers work that are chosen 
versus ones that are chosen manually. I don't know whether to believe it 
or not.

Has anyone out there in cyberspace used OLIGO (or a better package) 
and would be willing to send me some input before I fork out the $1.2 
grand to purchase the package??

You can E-mail me directly at kkorth at kcc.com or post.  THANKS!

Kevin Korth
Molecular Biology Division
Corporate Microbiology Group
Kimberly-Clark Corporation

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