strange migration in agarose gels

Garth I. Patterson patterson at
Tue May 9 06:31:32 EST 1995

I am having a couple of problems with agarose gels in which I am running 
restriction digests of genomic DNA.  When I do a southern blot, there is
variation from sample to sample (i.e. lane to lane) in the apparent size
of bands.  That is, two bands that I know are the same size are different
distances from the wells in different lanes.  I know from Ethidium staining
that the DNA's are roughly the same concentration (~1 microgram per lane).
The gel was 0.8% agarose in 1X TBE, run 48 hr. at 35 volts.  
The other problem is more basic--what do people recommend to prevent "smiling"
(or in my case, frowning) of bands.  Please e-mail any suggestions and I will
post a summary.

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