Wanted! Monoclonal Ab against N-myc

Davis Kim dsukim at acs.ucalgary.ca
Tue May 9 16:50:03 EST 1995

We have been trying to assay the levels and half-life of N-myc
protein in H69 Small Cell Lung Carcinoma Cells after induction
of differentiation.  The purpose is to determine the importance
of N-myc in the differentiation.  However, the antibodies that we
have (from Santa Cruz Biotechnology-NMYC(2), NCMII), have been 
inconclusive.  We would like to acquire another antibody, preferably
with a blocking peptide available, to coroborate our findings.

Does anyone know where I can find/buy monoclonal antibody to N-myc?


Davis Kim

Davis Kim                    dsukim at acs.calgary.ca
University of Calgary
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                             Fax 1-403-283-8727

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