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anderson at pharmdec.wustl.edu (Eric C. Anderson) writes:

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>> > Does anyone have any words of advice for someone attempting to find his 5
>> > prime end by RACE (or any other method)?
>> > 
>> > Does anyone have experience with the kit from BRL?
>> > 
>> > jonathan
>> > jreiss at biology.emory.edu
>> Would anyone have any comments regarding any other kits on the market?
>> How problematic is the procedure in general?
>> Thanks.

>this is only my experience (and that of 2 other lab members), but i
>wouldn't touch the Gibco/BRL kit with a 10 foot pipettor.  i wasted about
>a month trying to optimize that technique.  then i bought the Clontech
>AmpliFINDER 5' RACE kit (not the Marathon kit, i have no experience with
>that one although i have heard good things about it) and got my 5'cDNA
>after only 2 tries.

>i made some minor alterations to the Clontech protocol which i will be
>happy to share with anyone who wishes to try the AmpliFINDER kit.

>the usual disclaimer of no involvement with Clontech other than as a
>customer applies.


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I have to disagree.  I've used the BRL kit numerous times with success.
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