cleared lysate prep

Sailesh Surapureddi SaiSu at MCB.LiU.SE
Tue May 9 18:08:18 EST 1995

>hi everybody !!
>    quick question: I want to quote th 'clear lysate' plasmid prep method
>in my thesis, but I have only the method written down with no reference and I
>can't remember who or where from I got it ?
>does it ring a bell to anybody ??
>can you kindly point me out to a reference ?
>the prep is like so :
>- lysozime lysis in Tris/sucrose
>- +EDTA+ Triton-X-based mix
>- spin
>- precipitation of DNA in cold PEG/NaCl
>- CsCl grad
>thanks a lot in advance fro your help 
>					paolo

You can find the reference in maniatis page 1.105 and 1.107, the names are 
Birnboim et al (1979) and Ish-horowicz et al (1981).
The articles are quoted on page 1.25 of the same volume.
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