Strainbook Software??

Harold Drabkin harold.drabkin at
Wed May 10 02:10:00 EST 1995

Subject: Strainbook Software??

U>Has anyone generated a shareware/freeware program for keeping track of a
U>strainbook to ease sorting and searching of strains??  I looked at the
U>IUbio archives but did not find anything.

There is a program called "clones"; dos based.  Here is a description
lifted from the help file:

 CLONES is a database for the products of molecular biology
           techniques.  Different options of CLONES provide:

      * stores data about bacterial strains,
                          cloning vectors (phage and plasmid),
                          recombinant clones, and
                          recombinant libraries
      * easy entry and editing of data
      * automatic organization of all data
      * fast searches for one or many related records
      * convenient listing and editing of records
      * printing of some or all records
      * splitting or combining databases
      * storage of information for any number of different items

                    Hardware requirements for CLONES

     The system requirements of CLONES are:

             -  256 Kb of free (i.e., available) memory (RAM)
             -  DOS 2.1 or higher
             -  100% compatibility with an IBM-PC/AT/PS2
             -  at least 50 Kb of free disc space above
                  the size of the largest database
             -  the presence of the file "CLONES.HLP" in the
                  same directory as the program


The author info is:

         Hal B. Jenson, M.D.
                        Department of Pediatrics
                   Yale University School of Medicine
                            333 Cedar Street
                          New Haven, CT  06510

However, I don't know if this is still correct, as the program I have is
quite old.

I have posted this program on channe1 in cambridge; however, please note
that visitors are not allowed full access.  I will try to upload a copy
to the iubio archives.


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