How to detect DNA mismatches?

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gstuart at (Gregory Stuart) wrote:
> Does anyone have any brilliant ideas on how to quickly and simply detect 
> mismatches in DNA, other than using the mismatch repair enzymes or 
> resolvases, or the osmium tetroxide method? We want to localize mutations 
> in our lambda PCR products, to speed up sequencing (i.e. if you know 
> where the mutation is, you can select the correct sequencing primer). I 
> will post a summary, if I receive sufficient response.
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The following might be of some use to you:

R.G.H. Cotton (1993) Current methods of mutation detection.
Mutation Research 285: 125-144.  The review covers the methods used for detection
of unknown mutations including the ribonuclease, denaturing gradient-gel
electrophoresis, carbodiimide, chemical cleavage, single-strand conformation polymorphism,
heteroduplex and sequencing methods.

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