full-length COL1A2 cDNA available from ATCC

Gerard Tromp tromp at sanger.bcm.tju.edu
Thu May 11 14:48:37 EST 1995

	This is to inform researchers wishing to use a human cDNA probe for
the pro-alpha 2 chain of type I collagen (COL1A2) that the cDNA has been
deposited in the NIH Human & Mouse Repository.

	Since publication of our paper detailing the characterization of
Hp2010, a full-length cDNA clone for human pro-alpha2 of type I collagen
(COL1A2) (Biochem. J. 252: 633-640, 1988) we have received more than a
hundred requests for that clone and others (pro-alpha1(I) and
	We recently decided to deposit them in the NIH Human &
Mouse Repository maintained by the ATCC to increase their availability. As
of today (May 11, 1995), Hp2010, is available from the ATCC. 

The following is a  brief synopsis of pertinent information from the product 
sheet that the ATCC sent us.

      ATCC number: 95500
Name of construct: Hp2010
    Excise Insert: SphI
Size of Construct: 7.3 kb
   Size of Insert: 4.6 kb
           Genome: human
      Gene Symbol: COL1A2
Contains complete coding sequences ?: Y
 Cross references: Genbank Accession number Y00724 
		   nucleotides 1-2372 of insert correspond to
		   nucleotides 1-2372 of Y00724

The ATCC also provided us with the following information: 

	"The clone has been deposited in the International NIH Repository 
of Human and Mouse DNA probes and Libraries. Materials from the 
Repository are available for a fee established at the NIH, either as 200 
ng of purified DNA (human inserts) or as bacteriophage or plasmid-containing
_E. coli_. To obtain this clone please contact the Repository at the ATCC.
	Information on this clone and other holdings of the Repository 
can be obtained by searching the online Repository database. Access is 
available at no cost. Use of menus requires that you emulate a VT-100 
terminal (8 data bits, 1 stop bit, full duplex, parity none). Logon is 
automatic after calling 800-647-4710 or locally 301-881-4909, typing 
<enter>, and answering the username and password prompts with the word 
"common" followed by <enter>.

	Phone: 800-638-6597 (in Maryland 301-881-2600)
	FAX:   301-231-5826
	TELEX: 908768

		NIH Human & Mouse Repository
		12301 Parklawn Drive
		Rockville, MD 20852-1776"

	In addition to the information they provided, they also have a 
WWW page at:
and a gopher server at:
via which one can search the holdings.

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