PCR cycle sequencing

Darren M. Stauth stauth at crunch.usgmrl.ksu.edu
Thu May 11 09:48:58 EST 1995

In article <3oqno2$stk at mserv1.dl.ac.uk>, Melanie Brazil
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> Dear netters
> We are considering switching over from sequenase sequencing kit to a PCR cycle sequencing method.
> I have been sent details aboutPerkin Elmer's AmpliCycle Kit using AmpliTaq. Has anyone had good, bad, indifferent experiences with this system. Any comments greatly appreciated.
> Are there any other similar systems out there that are better or cheaper?
> thanks for any advice
> Melanie
> (m-brazil at uk.ac.mrc.nimr)

I used to use the Sequenase kit to sequence ss DNA but have switched to
fmol cycle sequncing kit by promega to sequence ds DNA.  The sequence is
always beautiful with very few artifacts.  I'm not sure about the cost
comparison to Perkin Elmer's kit.  Good luck!     

Darren M. Stauth  stauth at crunch.usgmrl.ksu.edu

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