DNA extraction using microwave???

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Fri May 12 16:05:23 EST 1995

slauney at ifremer.fr (Sophie Launey, These Andre Gerard 31 12 96, Ifremer 
DRV RA, wrote:
>Hello netters.
>I came across an article by Zhang et al (1994) called "Rapid isolation of
>DNA for genetic screening of catfishes by polymerase chain reaction"
>(Transactions of the American Fisheries Society, 123:997-1001).
>In this article, they simply boil their samples in a microwave and spin, and
>use the supernatant for PCR.
>Has anyone out there tried their method? (or any method that looks like it)
>and with which results?
>Any comments / hints appreciated

yes, actually we have been using a method by which we simply boil our 
test (water) sample with 10 microliters of 1% triton X-100 per ml of 
sample for 10 minutes, putting it immediatly on ice, and using that 
directly in PCR.  We don't even bother spinning it down.  It has worked 
wonderfully with remarkable sensistivity.

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