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Rory O'Brien (Biotech) (ROBRIEN at wrote:
: Has anybody out there ever seen their DNA extractions turn a bright
: pink colour with the addition of phenol/chloroform/iso-amyl alcohol
: ? The DNA in question is mycobacterial but I have seen this happen
: with eukaryotic extracts also. P/C/I is Tris buffered to pH 8.0 and
: contains hydroxyquinoline. Samples are perfectly normal up to the
: phenol extraction step after which they vary in the intensity of 
: their pinkness for no obvious reason. The pink colouration, which
: does not seem to affect quality or quantity of the DNA itself, stays
: with the aqueous phase during a subsequent chloroform extraction and
: dissappears after washing with 70% EtOH.

Phenol goes pink when it is oxidized...Use fresh phenol mix..


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