Digoxygenin End labelling

Wiggy A.C.Hilton at bham.ac.uk
Fri May 12 06:44:53 EST 1995


I am considering end-labelling a pBR322 hinf1 digest with DIG dUTP so I
can get a marker for Southern blotting that I am doing.  I am concerned
that the single (maximum 2) incorporated DIG-dUTP will be insufficient to
give a detectable flourescent signal. Does anyone have any experience of
end labelling with such non-isotopic methods at these low levels?

I am not opposed to labelling with 35S or 32P but the development times on
film are vastly different,  only 30 minutes with the DIG. 

Are there any commercially available DIG markers?

I already have a number of DIG labelled primers so a DIG marker would be great.

Thnks for your time,


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