ECL detection kit

Harold Drabkin harold.drabkin at
Sun May 14 01:16:00 EST 1995

Subject: ECL detection kit

E>figured out a way to stretch the life of 
E>Amersham's ECL detection kit. I find that we have plenty of labelling 
E>reagent, blocking reagent and somewhat less of the hybridization 
E>solution, but we quickly burn through the detection reagent. 

E>Does anyone know if you can either dilute the detection reagents, or even 
E>better, what's in them so I can make my own?

E>Also, if you know what's in the hybridization solution, I'd like to know 
E>that. I personally suspect that it's just SSC plus some gold color.

E>-Blake Meyers
E>UNiversity of California, Davis

E>bcmeyers at

Don't know about the nucleic acid dectection kit, but I've used the
Western kit and have found that I can dilute the reagents 1:1 with
water, thereby doubling the number of blots that I can do.

This was actually suggested by the Amersham reps.

Harold Drabkin
hdrabkin at

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