Probing phage libraries II: Choice of filters

Roger Anderson rogera at
Mon May 15 11:02:29 EST 1995

I would not lump all nylon together. I have never used Stratagene's 
product so I can't say anything about that. I have used other nylon 
filters and I found them to be far superior to nitrocellulose. First off 
they do not need to be baked. They are stronger and hold up better in the 
many steps and the UV crosslinking only takes a few minutes. You can 
re-probe them repaetedly and they don't cost much more. If you want the 
name of the manufacturer I was most happy with you can contact me 
directly. Given my new venture I can't really endorse any one publicly. 
The ATCG on the Web site has a list of many manufacturers that make  
nylon and other suitable filters. You may want to look there for  
alternatives. If you are using a non-radioactive detection then you  
should be careful about charged membranes.  
Good Luck, 
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