More GFP info needed

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>Subject: More GFP info needed
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>Stefan Baeckstroem replied with information concerning GFP, but I 
>could not reach him using e-mail.

>He suggested using agar plates with a dark color.  Does anyone know 
>what to add to achieve this?

>Also, he said not to use plastic petri dishes (I assume).  Has anyone 
>used glass petri dishes, are they reusable, and where does one obtain 

>Thanks for any and all info concerning GFP.

>Dubear Kroening
>dubear at

We have a undergrade in our lab working on the GFP protein for his 
undergrade research project.  He used plastic petri dishes to grow the Ecoli 
barring the pGFP plasmid at 37 C over night with or without IPTG.  He put a 
piece of black paper under the plates and shined with long wavelength UV.  
It was quite clear to distinguish the Ecoli barring pGFP from negative 

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