Colloidal Coomassie Blue Staining

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ZWIEB at JASON.UTHCT.EDU (Christian Zwieb) wrote:

>I'd appreciate hearing from people who have successfully stained proteins
>with colloidal Coomassie Blue. From what I hear, this method is slow, but
>gives no background and is almost as sensitive as silver staining (?) 

>Thanks, Chris

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I have used Colloidal Coomassie Stain (Novex) for protein staining of

It is easier to handle than the regular Coomassie Blue solution, more
sensitive (though I haven't compared it to Silver staining).
Generally staining for one hour and destaining in WATER (no acetic
acid, methanol destaining solutions required) overnight is adequate
for protein visualization.  However, better staining of protein bands
is seen if I stain overnight and destain for 4-6 hours.  This stain is
not useful if you use gels of less than 10% acrylamide because of the
high background.  In fact the stacking gel (in a discontinuous PAG) is
stained darker.  That's my experience with this stain.  hope this

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