how strong does a cell disrupter needs?

Kao-Chung Wang kcwang at
Wed May 17 07:31:32 EST 1995

Dear netter
I am about to buy a ultrasonic cell disrupter for my lab. The main 
purpose for this device is to break mammalian cells or tissues. I 
have several choices ranging from small powered (50W-100W) portable
Kontes brand Vineland, NJ, medium powered (250W-450W) Brason brand 
to high powered (475W) Heat System brand.
The question is if most of my samples are less than 10ml, which one
is adequate yet not costing me too much? Is the 50W cell disrupter 
able to break connective tissues?
Any suggestion is appreciated.

KC Wang
Department of Pathology, National Taiwan University
Taipei, Taiwan 100 ROC
kcwang at
d3404001 at

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