DNA Sequencing +wedge spacers

Ole Skovgaard olesk at RUC.DK
Wed May 17 05:26:49 EST 1995

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>From: LOGAND <logand at msdos.ensam.inra.fr>
>Subject: DNA Sequencing +wedge spacers
>Date: 16 May 1995 16:11:42 +0100

>Dear All,

>Planning to use wedge spacers (0.2 - 0.75 mm) in place of uni-width spacers 
>so as to increase the eveness of the separation between bands in my 
>sequencing gels. I use the Bio-Rad Sequegen apparatus and their large gel 
>dryer. My question is - do I need to change the drying program for this 
>type of gel or does the standard program (with the initial peak then 
>plateau over two hours) suffice? The reason for the question is the remark 
>in Sambrook et al that these wedge gels can crack and are not as easy to 
>dry successfully. Has anyone experience of running and drying wedge gels?

>Responses before Wednesday 18h CET (central European time) greatly 
>appreciated as I will be setting the gel to dry around about then.


>David C. Logan
>Logand at montpellier.inra.fr

Works well for me, drying takes longer time in the thick end, so at least 
increase drying time. Drying time always depends on the pressure and 
temperature. Pressure is the greatest problem.

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