E. coli in microtiter plates

Colin Rasmussen crasmussen at anat.med.ualberta.ca
Wed May 17 18:54:17 EST 1995

rdaines at aol.com (R Daines) wrote:
>Are you shaking them?  How many well dishes are these?  Try a 20 degree
>slant if volume permits.

We used 96 well plates. What we did was dispense medium containing 20% 
glycerol into the plate, innoculated and grew them up. We couldn't 
incline them, but this approach solved the poor growth problem, and we 
could then send them straight to the -70 freezer without having to add 
glycerol to every well. We did about 4000 clones (I think it was that 
many) of two different Aspergillus cosmid libraries this way.


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