split bionet.molbio.methds-reagnts?

Steven L. Sabol sabol at codon.nih.gov
Wed May 17 16:51:40 EST 1995

In Article <Elich-170595095626 at mac6759.salk.edu>, Elich at sc2.salk.edu (Tedd
Elich) wrote:
>The number of postings on this news group is so large that perhaps it is
>time to split it up into
>various subjects such as PCR, sequencing, plasmids/cloning, antibodies,
>etc. ?  Any thoughts?

I don't think that it should be split up, at least at this point.  Molecular
biologists generally work with all of the above sub-subjects you mentioned
-- PCR, sequencing, plasmids, cloning, antibodies, etc. Having news items on
all these subjects in one place is more convenient than having to check many
subspecialized newsgroups.  The large number of postings to this news group
is a positive asset signifying vitality rather than a negative aspect. 

Steven L. Sabol
Laboratory of Biochemical Genetics
Bethesda, MD

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