split bionet.molbio.methds-reagnts?

"Alexander Kraev" bckraev at aeolus.ethz.ch bckraev at wawona
Wed May 17 13:48:11 EST 1995

In article <Elich-170595095626 at mac6759.salk.edu>, Elich at sc2.salk.edu (Tedd Elich) writes:
>The number of postings on this news group is so large that perhaps it is
>time to split it up into
>various subjects such as PCR, sequencing, plasmids/cloning, antibodies,
>etc. ?  Any thoughts?

There is no problem monitoring the subject with a newsreader ( in contrast
to an e-mail subscription ), as the administrator has put it once. When some
other newsgroups do not produce more than 100 postings a day, it is not
the reason of merging them... On the other hand, PCR probably deserves a
separate newsgroup, but it is likely to fall prey of commercials soon
after it is opened.
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