what is the email of clonetech

Roger Anderson rogera at atcg.com
Wed May 17 23:54:55 EST 1995

akravetz at Walden.MO.NET (Andy Kravetz) wrote: 
>hey all, I am looking to do some cloning and I need the email address of  
>Clonetech. Does anyone know it?? thanks in advance 
>Andy Kravetz 
>Freelance Journalist 
>St. Louis, Missouri 
>akravetz at mo.net 
The CLONTECH e-mail addresses are: 
CLONTECH at Clontech.com or tech at clontech.com 
They also have a web site that is now operational at: 
We have a list of most if not all of the Molecular Biology Vendors on 
with web sites and if that's not enough we have a link or two to Martin 
Leach's e-mail and web site listings. 
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