RNA Extractions from Liver

Dr Saleem Mohammed saleem at rfhsm.ac.uk
Wed May 17 21:53:40 EST 1995

Just a quick note, to all you people trying to isolate RNA from Liver.   I 
have had quite a bit of experience  with this and have used all the current 
methods available.

First and foremost the best method I have used which always give's superb 
quality RNA and good yields is the CsCl method.  Although time consuming, it 
is  my method of choice for liver.  

Methods such as RNAzol and Trizol although OK,  do not remove all proteins 
resulting in 'dirty RNA' on formaldehyde gels.  These reagents are much more 
suited to non tissue isolations such as cell culture work.

The use of Cscl involves no use of phenol/chloroform, so resulting in less 
sample handling and subsequent  loss of RNA.

If anybody wants this 'old method' protocol, please mail me directly.  It 
usually takes me about 4hrs to isolate such RNA and the quality is great for 
Northerns, RNAse protections, reverse transcriptions etc.

Dr Saleem Mohammed,
Dept of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology,
Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine.
Rowland Hill Street,
London. NW2 2PF.

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