PMSF Solution

Noam Harel harel_n at
Thu May 18 18:35:33 EST 1995

jkh141 at (Jody K. Hirsh) wrote:
>   I just looked into using PMSF.  It must be made in an ANHYDROUS alcohol
> concentrated stock solution (ethanol or isopropanol) or DMSO and stored at
> minus 20 degrees (freezer) or else it will break down right away.  It is
> added to the aqueous solution only right before you intend to use it. Also, since
> it is a serine protease inhibitor, it also blocks Acetylcholinesterase
> (just like nerve gas!) so be careful.
> Jody K. Hirsh
> Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.   USA
> jkh141 at

	I hope this is correct, because our lab stores PMSF at
room temp....I believe PMSF is only unstable if it is an aqueous 
solution. If it is in anhydrous solution, several sources have
claimed that PMSF is stable at room temp. for up to 9 months. If you
have a source that contradicts this, please alert me!

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