Question about clone manager

Rick Neubig RNeubig at
Thu May 18 12:47:24 EST 1995

"k.d.preuss" <tm12kpkp at> wrote: 
>Hi netters, 
>we are using a plasmid drawing program named clone manager 3.02 (Scientific 
>Educational Software). We are interested in knowing the format in which the 
>pictures are stored. We want to import them in other drawing programs. Any 
>other ideas? We are also looking for the address of the distributor. 
We just upgraded to the Windows version which I like a lot (better than 
Mapdraw from Lasergene which I can get for free). 
S&E software can be contacted at: 
S&E software 
P.O. Box 440 
State Line PA 17263 
717 597-5307 
Sorry I dont' have  a fax number. Also you might tell them to put contact 
information in their help screens! 
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