HELP! Genomic DNA not cutting!

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> > Hello!
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> > Seeking suggestions on "how to" "clean-up"  genomic DNA that
> > refuses to digest with restriction enzymes.  Repeated phenol/chloroform
> > extractions have not helped. 
> > 
> > This DNA sample is semi-precious.  Will be grateful for advice and comments.


> Hi 
> We digest genomic DNA routinly from many sources some alot cruder than
> others and have encountered this problem, dont dispair it is easily fixed!
> when we had this problem I talked to a friend who was involved in forensic
> DNA fingerprinting and he told me how to fix this problem by dialysis.

<cuts on great suggestion>

Amicon makes a spin dialysis device called a Centricon-100 that is perfect
for "cleaning" up chromosomal DNA.  It is a mainstay in most Forensic DNA
labs in the US who have to deal with "precious" DNA samples that don't
like to cut.  Give them a try, I don't think that you will be disapointed
in the results!  Just a happy customer.

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