lux gene for DNA marking

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Fri May 19 14:13:57 EST 1995

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> Hi.
> I'm a student at Northern Secondary school in Toronto, and I'm currently 
> engaged with a partner in a series of biotech experiments. I'd 
> appreciate if anyone could give me some info on using the lux gene 
> (bioluminescence) as a marker to locate different positions on the DNA 
> molecule. This also entails knowing how to engineer the bacteria to glow 
> different colours, etc.
> Thanks.
> Paul Tadich

   of course you know that the lux gene has no intrinsic fluorescence? It
is the gene product, Luciferase alpha and beta which glow, and then only
in the presence of reduced FMN and an long chain aldehyde. Simpler
fluorescent tags for DNA include all the ones used in DNA sequencing and
some semi fluorescent bases. What exactly are you attempting?
                                             good luck  Ted M.

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