help for transfection!

martin LEACH leach at
Fri May 19 09:25:02 EST 1995

Yep, the cells tend to lack like crap after capo4 transfection

what is the modification??

Did you get any reporter enzyme activity??

What is the question??


Qunfeng Dong (qfdong at wrote:

: Hi,there:

:   I was using the "Modified calcium Phosphate-mediated transfection
: procedure" from "Molecular cloning" to transfect chicken muscle cells. After
: 24 hrs of transfection, most cells look dead, it looks like cell membrane
: were just totally disrupted. I don't understand why. Is this because of
: Ca2+? The Ca2+ concentration in the media was 6.25 mM/ml.

:   Any suggestion?

: Qunfeng.

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