split bionet.molbio.methds-reagnts?

Eric C. Anderson anderson at pharmdec.wustl.edu
Sat May 20 15:27:33 EST 1995

In article <Elich-170595095626 at mac6759.salk.edu>, Elich at sc2.salk.edu (Tedd
Elich) wrote:

> The number of postings on this news group is so large that perhaps it is
> time to split it up into
> various subjects such as PCR, sequencing, plasmids/cloning, antibodies,
> etc. ?  Any thoughts?

i don't think that we really need to split things up any further.  for
folks using a newsreader it's easy to get rid of messages that have
already been read, block messages from morons and just ignore things that
are of no interest to the reader.  incidentally, i don't think there are
too many posts here.  most of the other groups that i read on a regular
basis have 3-4 times as many posts as this one.

personally i think that better subject lines (more informative) would make
scanning the group a little easier.


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