pZErO-1/Invitrogen-Does it Work

Garry P. Larson glarson at ccmail.llu.edu
Fri May 19 14:59:58 EST 1995

Invitrogen offers a new vector, pZErO-1.  As a std. purpose cloning vector,
they say you get no bkg. since vector w/o insert has an intact ccdB gene
which kills the cell.  They say no phosphatase treatment is necessary or
blue/white screening.  Anyone with any experience with this system?  Does
it work as described?
Also, what is this novel antibiotic Zeocin and what is the nature of the
Zeocin resistance gene?  Can another cheaper antibiotic be substituted?
Finally, if you could spare some vector I'd like some-please!!

Thanks from sunny SoCal

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