Transposon for in vitro mammalian gene disruptions

benedik at benedik at
Mon May 22 17:31:25 EST 1995

Is anyone aware of a transposon (kanamycin marker) to make gene
disruptions of a cloned gene for putting back into mammalian systems.
In other words a bacterial transposon like a mini-Tn5 that can be used
to transposon into random sites in a cosmid or plasmid vector and the
DNA later used to put back into mammals with selection for the
transposon (i.e. G418 resistance).

This should be straightforward to do, and similar things are available
for yeast, but has it been setup with a marker to use in mammals?????

Michael Benedik               benedik at
Biochemical Sciences
University of Houston
Houston, TX 77204-5934

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