Help: FactorXa Clavage - 0.1 M NaCl required?

Stephan Witte stephan.witte at
Mon May 22 09:20:06 EST 1995

I want to cleave a 6xHis fusionprotion with FactorXa. I bought the enzyme
from NewEngland Biolabs. In their protocol they perform the reaction in 40
mM Tris, 2mM CaCl2, 0.1 M NaCl.
Is the NaCl necessary?
I«d like to monitor the clavage Reaction with MALDI-MS, and this doesnt
work very well with this high content of salt.
Does someone know for what the NaCl and the CaCl2 is required for? Does the
Reaction work in a buffer of lower ionic strength?



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