heat-shock Ab & probe

Diogo Cavaco hcavco at fm.ul.pt
Tue May 23 07:38:51 EST 1995

I am a post-doctoral fellow at the Histology Institute of the Lisbon
Faculty of Medicine. I'm not working on heat-shock but it is now
fundamental for me to have  a DNA probe for any human inducible heat-shock
gene to perform in situ hybridizations on Hela cells. An antibody against
the corresponding protein would also be desirable although not absolutely
fundamental.This antibody should work on immunofluorescence. Any
suggestions where to get are greatly appreciated. If anybody has these
reactives and can give a sample I will fully detail what are they for.
Please, reply to the newsgroup or to celta at individual. puug.pt
Thank you 

Celso V.Cunha
Insttitute of Histology and Embriology
Lisbon Faculty of Medicine
1699 Lisboa


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